Taker Protocol Partners With Polkamon — Lock Your Digital Monsters on Taker!

Polychain Monsters are gorgeously animated digital collectibles with varying scarcities. These Monsters are about to get ferocious on Taker Protocol. Each Polychain Monster is backed by a truly unique NFT and can be unpacked with $PMON tokens.

You can now deposit these PMON tokens on Taker, get loans as borrowers with the NFTs as the underlying collateral.

In addition to borrowing, you can also join the lender side and participate in our INOs (Initial NFT Offerings) and other yield farming activities. We are also developing lending features that allow you to deposit your #PMON into the Taker protocol and earn interest when they are lent out. Interest rates for lenders are ~2x those of mainstream lending protocols.

While all Polychain Monsters breed their beautiful Monsters, they can enjoy TKR bonuses when they join Taker Protocol. TKR is our governance token and you are invited to become members of our DAO governance.

Taker is dedicated to enhancing the NFT infrastructure on Polygon and Ethereum by providing liquidity solutions for NFTs. Hand-in-hand with PMON, we cannot wait to join their ecosystem. We are ready to save your NFTs from dead illiquidity!

What Does Taker Dao Do?

Taker Dao represents our community and will be managed by the TKR (Taker Protocol’s ecosystem token) holders, along with our Taker Dao investors. Taker values our community and aspires to become a truly decentralized application that embraces the spirit of blockchain. Below are some examples of what Taker Dao will be empowered to accomplish.

Taker Dao will manage the Taker NFT asset whitelist. We believe that it is best to mitigate the risks for our lenders by carefully selecting the NFT assets that our community desires and trusts the most.

As a venture, Taker Dao will help provide a guaranteed amount of liquidity for the NFTs on the whitelist. The Dao venture secures the lenders by offering a floor price on the NFT if the borrower defaults on the loan.

Our Taker Dao investors will get dividends from the loan interests and reselling activities of NFTs.

About Polychain Monsters

Polychain Monsters is fundamentally a trading game fashioned using blockchain technology and borrowing the mechanics of the popular in the 90s Pokémon cards trading. The precise mix of nostalgia and technology, it was hurled right into the NFT craze of Q1 2021. Each Polychain Monsters digital monster is a collectible artifact with exclusive properties and rarity. PMON is a native ERC-20 token of the Polychain Monsters platform, necessary if one wants to purchase new Polychain Monsters or to unlock new features.

As digital collectibles, Polychain Monsters can be utilized by ever growing blockchain-based ecosystems. To accelerate this process, Polychain Monsters will exist in native mobile apps and widgets. Physical collectibles cannot be retrieved by modern art and games. However, as digital collectibles backed by non-fungible tokens, Polychain Monsters can easily be integrated into many exciting blockchain connected products.

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About Taker Protocol

Taker is a multi-strategy NFT loan protocol to optimize liquidation on NFT assets with P2P and Pool solutions across chains. We arm your NFTs with DeFi tools. Our first launch will be on Ethereum and Polygon. We will be the first NFT loan protocol to accommodate the Uniswap V3 LP tokens on Ethereum and many more innovative digital assets in the future. Taker saves your NFTs from dead illiquidity.

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Taker is an NFT financial infrastructure project, that aims to provide extended financial applications to NFT assets.

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Taker Protocol

Taker Protocol

Taker is an NFT financial infrastructure project, that aims to provide extended financial applications to NFT assets.

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